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The Third Party Sites

If you tap on the links of the third party sites, you will be redirected to that certain online retailer’s site or some other website. We are just a catalog of different website arrangements, deals and coupons they promote. We do not have any link to the service or the product these websites provide. We as a website do not sell any products or services to the users, we do not profit from whatever the user purchases from a third party site. There is nothing on our Site which will be interpreted as an idea to sell anything or to go into any sort of business relationship.

Any kind of purchase you make by utilizing the offers and coupons will to be through different third party sites and from different organizations which we have no connection whatsoever. We are advising you to read and evaluate all the terms and conditions as well as all the policies such as privacy, sales, warranty, and returns before making any kind of purchase. Do as told in order to be sure of all the terms and conditions before the usage of such a site. Make certain to deliberately check and explore such websites all by yourself in order to be satisfied.

You are additionally advised by us to deliberately go through the terms and states of any coupons, vouchers, sweepstakes, Promo codes, deals or different offers from the online merchants. Payafew will not be accountable of any kind errors, distortions, item or administration risk, hostile, encroaching, slanderous or illicit materials, absence of accessibility of different destinations, data, items, or administrations, malwares and other hacking issues coming about due to the utilization of some other website as Payafew is not related to them in any circumstances. Payafew does not guarantee you any item which is available on a third party site or anything through the third party site, as it is just a catalog of offers and promotions offered by these sites.

You are purposely and intentionally accepting all dangers of utilizing such third party websites to buy products as well as services and of utilizing the promotions, coupons, vouchers etc on the Site. With this you admit that Payafew and its licensors and sponsors will have no obligation at all from such third party website or from your use of these sites.

In order to use this particular website and to agree with this agreement you must be over 18 years

The Agreement which is mentioned above must be read thoroughly, comprehended as well as acknowledged by an individual who is more than 18 years of age. In case an individual who is below the 18 years of age want to use our site in particular, this can be possible only when their parent or guardian allow them to do so under their supervision. With this regard the guardians are responsible to email Payafew a letter which should include their consent as well as acknowledgment of full legitimate duty regarding the minor to do as such.

In case you are easy to offend, below the age of 18 or you are using this website in a nation where this particular site is illegal or unlawful to use, you are advised to quit utilizing this website as it is not right for you to use this website. Payafew will not be responsible for any harm caused to you if ignore to acknowledge the terms and conditions of this website.